Curtains are back!

Heartthrob hair –  Yes that is right curtains are back!

This updated version of the late ‘90s-early 2000s hairstyle became increasingly popular at the end of 2017, and we expect to see it reappear throughout 2019.

We know how difficult it can be for men who want to either grow out their hair or give long hair an up to date style., how believe us when we say it is worth the wait! Longer locks are defiantly back in full swing, recalling the 1990’s and dominant on the run ways this season! You’ll no doubt be familiar with the style; mussed up hair swept back off the face, falling to the side or into curtains and making women swoon with delight. This style may require patients to grow but once you have the right length it can be worn effortlessly. It requires little product and you can even leave the house with slightly damp hair and it will still look great! The heartthrob hairstyle is one that should never look over styled, with a relaxed look that screams indifference and edginess. This undone look is ideal for the man who has naturally curly or wavy hair, as with a little products and using your fingers, you can recreate the look easily. It is essential to get it cut into the right shape by someone who specialises in longer scissor work as this cut requires skill to create the right shape and texture. At MINT we have a variety of barbers with hairdressing back grounds which can help you achieve this icon 90’s look with a modern twist.